TS Police place the highest priority on women’s safety

Hyderabad: Mahatma Gandhi once said that India would be free when women felt safe to walk the streets of India at midnight.” For the future generation of leaders in this country, Gandhi Ji had already set a very strong on women’s safety.

The government of Telangana, immediately after the formation of the new state, implemented a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing the safety and security of its citizens. Issues related to women and children were given top priority.


The SHE team is a deterrent against teasing in public places and other emerging cybercrimes. It aims to make public spaces in the state safer for women to go about their business. These units are responsible for taking proactive and complaint-based action against any instances of sexual harassment. Given the transformational changes in the expectations of our citizens, the government has also taken steps to ensure that SHE Teams services are accessible through multiple channels.


As part of Citizen Friendly and Responsive Policing, Telangana Police launched the Hawk Eye app in 2015. The app is available for Android and IOS users. The Hawk Eye app, which is a one-stop police service delivery app, allows users to connect with the police establishment seamlessly and digitally. The APP has over 0.5 million downloads since its inception.


Another initiative for women and children that has been of great help to victims of sexual violence is the Bharosa Centre. Victims who approach BHAROSA have unfettered access to all the support services they need to overcome their abusive and oppressive circumstances and live joyful lives afterwards. its premises.

Dial 100/112 Mechanism

Dial 100 software with TS COPS ERP software platform enables seamless and easy availability of information across multiple devices and at all levels in real time. Thanks to TS COPS, Dial 100 call information is relayed to all police forces. Officers throughout the hierarchy are informed in near real time of all serious complaints.

Periodic satisfaction surveys have shown that citizens rated their calling experience 100 to more than 97%. The safety of women in public and private spaces continues to be among the highest priorities on the global law and order agenda. This continued attention has helped Hyderabad retain its position as one of the safest cities in the country year after year. With the active support of a self-reliant citizenry and a passionate and empathetic police force, the state continues to work to make Mahatma Gandhi’s dream come true in all districts and cities of Telangana.

Mara R. Wilmoth