UAE steps up support for women’s empowerment

UAE Ambassador to Korea Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi (bottom left of screen) speaks during a webinar jointly hosted by the UAE Embassy in Seoul and the WKIC on June 28.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched a large-scale government-wide initiative to build support for women’s empowerment and as a result, women leaders are demonstrating their abilities in various fields, the embassy said. of the country in Seoul on July 18.

UAE Ambassador to Korea Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi said, “The UAE is making various efforts, including humanitarian assistance, to build the capacity of its women in the international arena.” He added, “Furthermore, our foreign aid policy prioritizes women’s issues, aiming to promote gender equality and empower and protect women.”

The United Arab Emirates provided 10.7% of its total foreign aid (approximately $851 million) in 2019 to protect and empower women and girls. The UAE was a co-founder of the Women Entrepreneurs Fund, established by the World Bank in cooperation with 13 donor countries, and provided support of approximately US$50 million in 2017.

The UAE grants various powers to women leaders with the aim of empowering women. The Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates is led by Amal Al Qubaisi, the first female president of a national assembly in the Arab region, for three years, and 50% of FNC members are women. In addition, women serve as UAE government ministers and heads of state agencies and serve in the UAE Armed Forces.

The UAE government has a long history of engagement in women, peace and security (WPS) activities at the national and international levels. The UAE government encourages women to actively participate in international peacekeeping and conflict resolution.

In addition, the UAE is also considering forging a partnership with UN Women as a global strategy to accept WPS standards, and has provided continuous financial support since the launch of UN Women in 2010, to achieve effective goals. In 2019, he announced a contribution of $15 million over three years, encouraging the use of UN Women contributions for the implementation of the WPS agenda.

In addition to this, the UAE Embassy in Korea has held seminars with Korean women’s organizations to promote the importance of protecting and empowering women and girls and to develop more supportive measures. diversified. On June 28, in cooperation with the Welcome to Korean International Club (WKIC), a Korean women’s group, he held a webinar to improve the status of women in both countries, showcasing the UAE’s efforts to build capacity of women and girls and discussing women’s empowerment measures.

In addition, he organized a webinar on women’s skills building in June 2021 in cooperation with the Korean Council of Women’s Organizations (KNCW) and organized the second webinar in November 2021 with the Institute for Development and Human Security. (IDHS) from Ewha Womans University.

Mara R. Wilmoth