UP Women Safety Hotline Launched by State Police

Uttar Pradesh Police has launched a new digital awareness program for women, aimed at their safety, security and empowerment. The name of the program is “Humari Surakhsa: Mobile Haanth Mein, 1090 Saath Mein”. It was started by the state women’s helpline 1090, it is also called “Women Power Line – 1090”. The program aims to reach women digitally and create sensitization among them.

Additional Chief Executive Neera Rawat of the Women Powerline Wing of Uttar Pradesh Police said: ‘We want to instill fear among offenders. But at the same time, we believe that the solution to women’s issues lies in impacting minds and bringing about cultural change.

The campaign will be distributed gradually in order to reach all Internet users. It will amplify reach among students and households, rural and urban. People will be persuaded to join WPL-1090 through digital platforms and spread the word.

Rawat also explained the shortcomings of traditional modes of outreach and the positives of digital outreach. A digital awareness roadmap called “Digital Chakravyuh” was shared. According to Rawat, this would help create a “360 degree ecosystem for women’s safety” in Uttar Pradesh.

Mara R. Wilmoth