Women Safety: Andhra CM reports 163 DISHA patrol vehicles

Amaravati, March 23 (IANS) In a bid to control crime against women and enhance DISHA oversight, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Wednesday reported 163 DISHA patrol vehicles which will improve and strengthen visible policing, a key element in the fight against crime.

All of these four-wheeled vehicles are equipped with a dedicated GPS tracking system for direct monitoring from the district unit’s control room. These patrol vehicles carry out continuous patrols in crime-prone areas, officials said.

“The vehicles will help improve response times to women and children in emergency situations,” Reddy said.

The vehicles will be able to identify and map all possible crime areas within the boundaries of each police station, as well as identify and map details of past crimes, time and location.

The 163 new patrol vehicles are in addition to the already existing 900 two-wheelers currently in use to patrol all state police station boundaries. Funds have been allocated for the purchase of 163 four-wheeled Direction Patrolling vehicles at a cost of Rs 13.85 crore. Moreover, Rs 5.5 crore has already been allocated for this operation.

In addition to the existing 900 two-wheeled vehicles and 163 four-wheeled executive patrol vehicles, more than 3,000 emergency vehicles are now connected to the police headquarters control room, as well as to the DISHA control installed in 18 police units across the state. for a rapid response to citizens in the event of an emergency. This allows police to reach victims with special SOS features (any woman in danger can alert local police by simply shaking her phone five times or pressing the SOS button in the app). These specialized vehicles reduce response time from 4-5 minutes in urban areas to 8-10 minutes in the same rural areas.

The DISHA mobile app has already been downloaded by 1.16 crore women on their cellphones, Reddy noted.

With more women joining the police department, the government has also introduced 18 caravans or mobile toilets for female police officers on duty in public places.

Mara R. Wilmoth