Women’s Day 2021: Noida police launch powerful campaign to keep women safe


International Women’s Day 2021: Noida Police campaign for women’s safety

As International Women’s Day 2021 approaches, everyone is talking about women’s safety and the need to educate them. Police in Noida have organized a #MissionShakti campaign to keep women safe. The Noida Police Women’s Security Unit runs awareness programs at various locations ahead of International Women’s Day. They believe that awareness is the greatest empowerment and that it is time to say NO rather than bring the damage. Thanks to this laudable initiative, they have taken a step forward in the empowerment and safety of women.

In addition, in the past three months, 55 defendants have been convicted in criminal cases against women. Gautam Buddha Nagar Police Station urged everyone to become the source of real change on this International Women’s Day. They also offered cash rewards or a chance to become ACP Women Safety for a day by suggesting practical tips for empowering women.

This is not the first time that the Noida Police Department has given the opportunity to ordinary women to lead and become role models. Last year, Indian TV presenter Meenakshi Joshi had become ACP for International Women’s Day.

Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh Police Department launched a new digital awareness program for women last month, aimed at their safety, security and empowerment. The “Humari Surakhsa: Mobile haanth mein, 1090 saath mein” program was launched through the 1090 State Women’s Helpline, also known as “Women Power Line – 1090”. The program aims to reach and educate women digitally, said Additional Director General Neera Rawat of the Women Powerline wing of the UP Police.

“We want to instill fear among the offenders. But at the same time, we believe that the solution to the problems related to women is to have an impact on the spirits and also to bring about a cultural change,” she said. “The campaign will be rolled out gradually to cover all internet users and amplify our reach among households, including rural and urban, and students and persuade them to join WPL-1090 through digital platforms and do spread the word, ”Mr. Rawat said.

Explaining the shortcomings of traditional modes of outreach and the positive factors of digital outreach, Mr. Rawat also shared a digital outreach roadmap, called “Digital Chakravyuh,” which she said would help create a “360 ecosystem. Women’s Safety Degrees “in Uttar Pradesh.

Mara R. Wilmoth