Women’s empowerment takes root in the workplace

WOMEN are more empowered in the workplace when they take on leadership roles, female leaders shared.

Speaking at the Manila Times online business forum ‘Empowered Women Powering Changes’, Marivic Españo, President and CEO of P&A Grant Thornton, said there was an increase in the percentage of women in management positions. direction.

She added that this could be a game-changer for women in the Asia-Pacific region, as 30% of women are in leadership positions.

“Despite this apparent decline [in the percentage of women with a senior leadership role in the Philippines from 48 percent in 2021 to 39 percent in 2022], the survey still showed that the Philippines ranked fourth in the world for the percentage of women in this particular role. And we also see that these companies continue to support initiatives to promote inclusivity and gender parity in the workplace, even during the pandemic,” Españo said.

Maybank Philippines President and CEO Abigail Tina del Rosario said Filipina women are better off than their counterparts in other countries in academic, professional, political and legislative fields.

“The Philippines is the only country in Asia to have closed the gender gap in education and health and is one of only six in the world to have done so. The Philippines is the only country in the world where women have parity with men in senior leadership roles,” she said.

Del Rosario encouraged women to take proactive steps to earn their place at the table by creating their paths to success as they offer a range of perspectives and expertise – as shown by their effective leadership during a crisis.

“Let’s make the world a better place with our brand of leadership. The Philippines needs to roar more than ever – having this seat is a great opportunity to improve our leadership skills. Use our voice as a catalyst for change,” she said. declared.

Meanwhile, Ma. Ma. Aurora “Boots” Geotina-Garcia assured that there are policies in place to protect and support women in the workforce, including the Magna Carta for Women, the Expanded Labor Law maternity leave, the law on the safety of streets and public spaces, as well as the law on teleworking which allows women to work remotely.

She added that men should also help break down prejudices about traditional roles in households and be good role models for their children.

Similarly, Rags2Riches president and founding partner Reese Fernandez-Ruiz challenged men to take on a greater role in parenting to support women. She said that with the right support, women’s mental health will improve and help them become better leaders in their industry who can also inspire other women.

Insular Life Assurance Co. Executive Chairman Nina Aguas also hoped to empower women in terms of financial independence to give them more opportunities to advance in their careers. She said women leaders need integrity, intelligence and energy to leave their mark.

Aguas reminded women leaders to stay authentic, intentional and determined, and not let doubt neutralize their ambitions.

The Empowered Women Powering Changes forum is a Manila Times online event in cooperation with Maybank and its special partners Globe, P&A Grant Thornton and SM Supermalls.

Mara R. Wilmoth