Women’s safety and empowerment top concerns for new voters, poll finds

New voters in India are more concerned about women’s safety and empowerment, poll finds. This is not surprising since in a 2018 survey India has been ranked as the most dangerous country for women.

The #MeToo movement exposed the rampant sexual harassment that existed in the workplace in India across different sectors. Not only in the workplace, women also find it difficult to negotiate public space and use public transport. Women are also unsafe at home – there are worrying incidences of domestic violence, marital rape and dowry-related deaths.

Since women’s safety is not on the agenda of any political party, it is relevant that citizens drive this change and demand it.

A survey of Gen Z youth conducted by Yuvaa (youth media organization) in partnership with InUth reveals that more than 20% of Gen Z students believe that the main challenge facing the country is safety and security. empowerment of women, and that they should be given top priority. The survey of 25 cities, more than 65 colleges and more than 1,000 students reveals that this view was consistent across all levels and across genders.

The other main issues of concern to women are corruption and poverty.

Interestingly, these demands can only be met if students vote and then advocate for women’s safety and empowerment. The press release reveals that on the issue of voting and using their rights to make their voices heard, while students believe it is important to vote, at least 29% of all grades and genders are not likely to vote due to lack of a voter registration card or lack of information on how to obtain one.

The only way forward then is to raise student awareness, make it easier to vote, and demand that political parties pay more attention to women’s safety and empowerment.

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Mara R. Wilmoth