Women’s Safety Guardian by SAFEUP US LLC

With the SafeUP app, getting home safely is easy and free. A safety net for women designed to help you walk safely and feel confident. Stay in touch with trained, caring, and empathetic women nearby who are ready to help and support you through a call or face-to-face 24/7. Our advanced technology goes beyond GPS tracking or a sos panic button.

Whenever you feel insecure or in danger, tap “Call the Guardians” to alert 2-3 women in your area, receive local support, and stay connected until you feel safe. A haven of peace and a network of sisters to stay safe and be safe.

Women’s empowerment is at YOUR fingertips. To answer calls and empower women, become a Guardian. Start with a brief in-app training to provide local support. A security app designed to increase the sense of security in your local community.

Join our 100,000 members in SafeUP, the world’s largest women’s safety provider. Better personal safety leads to a safer community. Travels safely in your pocket to go anywhere, anytime.

Connect with your local community via group chat, hear what other members are doing to stay safe, and share your own experience.

How it works?

– Complete registration to become a verified member

– Tap “Call Guardians” to request help and be connected to nearby women via call, or face to face when you feel unsafe

– Open the home screen to see available tutors in your area and build your confidence when traveling alone

– Provide meaningful assistance. Learn to assess various situations with our integrated training preparing any woman (18+) to become a tutor

– Chat with members of your local community

User Stories:

“Thanks to my guardians, I arrived at my door without caring that I was alone in a dark and scary street”

“It’s amazing to meet girls and women from all over the country and feel that you are doing something good for them”

“It’s a brilliant idea! Thank you for sparing me the disturbing feeling that I have become too familiar with”

SafeUP is constantly growing and is currently active in over 37 countries, to see them click here: https://www.safeup.co/faq


Contact us on Instagram: @safeup.fr
[email protected]

Mara R. Wilmoth