Women’s safety: Romford’s Atik ‘stands out’, nightclub says

12:00 18 March 2022

Nightclub Atik has complained it was “unfairly singled out” by a police boss when he reported on police efforts to tackle violence against women.

Met Police officers have been called to Atik nightclub in Romford 10 times in the past year, making it one of the area’s hotspots for crime.

This came out at a meeting of Havering Council’s Crime and Troubles Sub-Committee on March 14, when Superintendent of Det. Paul Trevers, chief constable for Havering, Redbridge and Barking and Dagenham, told the panel that South Street was an area of ​​particular concern.

The road is home to both Atik and The Goose.

He said: ‘The breaches stretch along South Street, including at Atik nightclub, which I’m sure you’re all aware of the problems we’ve had with this.

“We’ve had a reallocation of resources in the center and certainly trying to nip that in the bud, we’ve had 12 officers on double pay overtime to prevent offensive behaviour.”

A police map showing hotspots of violence against women in Romford town center
– Credit: Met Police

A spokesperson for Atik responded by saying management feels “targeted” by the Det Superintendent’s remarks.

A Met spokesman said reported crimes inside Atik included allegations of one rape, three sexual assaults and five physical assaults.

The alleged rape is still under investigation, while no further action has been taken following the other reports due to either a lack of evidence or the fact that the victims chose not to. not continue.

Atik told the Local Democracy Reporting Service, “The safety of our guests is our number one priority and we do not tolerate any type of violence or anti-social behavior at our club.

“We are by far the largest night venue in the region, let alone the city, with a capacity of 2,000 people on trading nights, so it is unfair to compare us to much smaller venues.

“It’s important that the positive work we do is presented fairly and that statistics like these are not misinterpreted.”

The spokesperson said the club had a strict door policy, with ID scanners and metal detector arches at the entrance.

They added that the staff are a visible presence inside, with doctors on site and a quiet room to tend to guests.

The Goose was also approached for comment.

Atik recently came under intense scrutiny after several women had their phones stolen while at the nightclub.

Mara R. Wilmoth