Women’s safety, technology priority: Anand

Hyderabad: Growing up in the city, he used to stay in Adarshnagar near the Birla temple as a teenager, the new city police commissioner CV Anand used to visit the Hussainsagar often. He noticed that from time to time people would end their lives by jumping into the lake.

One of the first tasks he set himself at the start of his career as an IPS officer, and was appointed deputy police commissioner for the central area, which covers Hussainsagar, was to set up the Lake Police, a brand new initiative then with the sole purpose of preventing suicides in the lake.

As DCP he set up the Lake Police Station, provided boats, swimmers and specially trained personnel, and over the years this City Police unit has saved the lives of hundreds of people. depressed by his timely actions.

In an interview with Deccan ChronicleAnand explains what he plans for the city as police chief

Q. What are your plans to keep the city safe?

A. The state government has always prioritized law and order and the safety of women among others. To improve women’s safety, we have reinforced SHE teams. They work well and take tough action against disbelievers of all colors.

Q. How do you propose to manage law and order in the city?

A. Maintaining law and order is paramount to us. I acquired a good knowledge of the issues facing the city during my visits as DCP. I will ensure common harmony. We will maintain strict vigilance on illegal activities, which will be a coordinated effort involving DCPs, ACPs and law enforcement personnel. I believe that peace will lead the city to the path of development.

Q. What measures will you implement to reduce cybercrime, which has become a major challenge?

A. I have noticed that cyber crime cases are increasing day by day. Most fraudsters are resorting to new methods to rob people. In addition to maintaining strict vigilance, we will educate people on how to avoid falling prey to such fraud.

Q. What about using technological innovations and police reforms while solving crime cases?

A. The government has provided the best infrastructure to the ministry. We will make optimal use of technology while taking steps to prevent and detect crime. For example, surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the city. Our priority, while redressing people’s grievances, will be friendly police.

Q. It is often noticed that whenever terrorists strike in the country, links are invariably traced back to Hyderabad. How do you propose to deal with this?

A. Given its cosmopolitan fabric, Hyderabad is known for communal harmony. We have a separate wing that tracks terrorist movements. All anti-social elements will be under our radar, especially their shady moves. They will be dealt with with an iron fist.

Mara R. Wilmoth