Women’s security, employment: 5 issues to be addressed in the framework of “Make India No 1” | Latest India News

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the ‘Make India No 1’ mission on Wednesday as part of the build-up to the 2024 general election and said it aims to make India the No 1 country in the world. “Every citizen of this country…130 million people…must be connected to this mission,” party boss Aam Aadmi said.

Kejriwal said five major issues need to be addressed to make India the “No.1”.

These are education, health, employment, women’s safety and agriculture.

On the first point, the Delhi CM – whose government has claimed significant improvements in the quality of public schools in the nation’s capital over the past few years in office – said there was a need to provide good schools and colleges to each child. in India.

“An educated child will lift his family out of poverty and into wealth. When every family is wealthy, India will be among the wealthiest countries in the world,” he explained.

On the issue of health care – another point the AAP highlights as part of his Delhi government’s achievements – Kejriwal said ensuring quality health care for all is essential.

“Every citizen of India is important to us and therefore arrangements must be made to ensure that the best healthcare is also free,” he said, referring to the Mohalla clinics and dispensaries which will be opened in all corners of India to ensure the country becomes ‘No 1’.

The third point Kejriwal was talking about was finding jobs for young people.

“Young people are the greatest power in our country. However, they are unemployed. If the intention and the management are right, they can be employed,” Kejriwal said, adding that as part of the mission, no young person in this country should be unemployed.

The fourth point that the Delhi Chief Minister highlighted was the safety of women.

“Every woman in this country should get respect and equal rights. All women should have protection,” he said.

The fifth and final problem to be solved concerns the agricultural sector. Kejriwal said on Wednesday that it is important to ensure that every farmer receives the proper money for his produce, adding that a farmer’s son should say with pride that he too will join farming.

Mara R. Wilmoth