Women’s Week 2022 lunch discusses women’s safety | Heraldrepublican

ANGOLA — Shelley Klingerman doesn’t want women to be unkind, but they need to make sure they’re not vulnerable in this world.

Klingerman was the guest speaker at the second annual Women’s Week Luncheon, held Friday at Sutton’s Deli 160 Event Center.

Klingerman is the founder and operator of Stiletto Agency.

“Women are wired to be nice.” Klingerman said, “but that doesn’t mean we have to be vulnerable.”

Klingerman is an Indiana State University graduate who is a successful entrepreneur, author, marketing professional, and documentary film producer. His documentary “Terror in American Schools: Are Your Kids Safe?” was inspired by her three children.

Friday’s lunch was a continuation of 2021’s lunch with author, women’s activist and kidnapping survivor Michelle Corrao.

Last year’s event took place ahead of the siting and dedication of the Sojourner Truth statue which commemorated the 160th anniversary of Sojourner Truth’s speech on the steps of the Steuben County Courthouse in June 1861 and the 100th anniversary of suffrage in the United States.

The Downtown Coalition has focused on women’s issues in recent years.

Klingerman’s talk was about safety and survival tips for women.

Klingerman offered her 10 key safety tips for an all-female audience.

1. Look up and look around “Technology can empower you or make you vulnerable,” Klingerman said.

2. Hold your shoulders back when walking and walking with purpose

3. Make a habit of parking under lights

4. Know your route(s)

5. Stand near the control panel in an elevator

6. Sit with your back against a wall

“Men in the military and law enforcement tend to be programmed to sit like this, to keep us safe,” Klingerman said.

7. Make a habit of noticing exits

8. Walk in the middle of the parking island

9. Lighten your load and keep your hands free and visible, especially when traveling

“We pack so many bags and it bogs us down,” Klingerman said.

10. Trust your instincts

Above all, Klingerman noted that women should keep No. 1, look up and look around, and No. 10, trust your instincts.

“We don’t talk enough about our safety…we let ourselves stay in uncomfortable situations.” said Klingerman.

While impressing a confident state of mind, Klingerman said, “Your body can’t go where your mind has never been.”

The event was organized by the Downtown Angola Coalition/Angola Main Street and was moderated by its President, Colleen Everage.

“Why should we only celebrate women every 100 years?” Average asked.

Lunch was a fresh spring vibe with grilled chicken and blueberry salad followed by a slice of delicious key lime pie served by Sutton’s Deli.

Perfect single yellow tulips provided by Jenny Lou’s Greenery and a range of green houseplants provided by Roots and Rocks Mercantile were offered to all attendees.

Everage noted that the 2023 luncheon will feature female athletes.

Mara R. Wilmoth