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What’s getting ready?

The hottest party shade in town, Black, is ready to rock a vibrant look with the launch of Lucknow’s very first microbrewery, April 10 and through the revelry a bit far, we’re sure every beer lover in town is already drooling for its signature brew menu. Take a quick peek at all that’s happening at Black Brewhouse by choosing your favorite from its wide range of freshly brewed alcoholic offerings:

To make your cups overflow with a refreshing wheat-based beer, get your hands on their classic The Belgian spirit! An elegantly crafted beverage, the medium-bodied drink is brewed in a lip-smacking base of cilantro and orange citrus fruity notes, and a smooth yet light oatmeal creaminess. A pint of this 5% ABV drink, the Belgian Wit-A will warm you up for the busy evening ahead!

Another refreshing drink with a similar 5% ABV, the Berry cider is also up for grabs here. A blend of 100% Himachala apples and imported mixed berries, this drink is on the sweeter side of the brewing spectrum and boasts an aroma as intoxicating as it tastes! This medium body liquid ranges from clear to shiny liquid to suit your cravings, in style.

If your palate needs a clean, lightly golden but well attenuated drink, Black Brewhouse’s bespoke beer Blonde Lager-A is what you are looking for! This American craft beer has an interesting fruity pop and characterful malt notes to get you a little drunk! With ABV-5%, this well-balanced and smooth fizz will surely become your favorite in no time if you too avoid intense and aggressive flavors!

Brew it like black

To make the night even livelier, you can always have a drink easily Irish Red Ale with an intense kick. This 6.5% ABV is all it takes to pack a caramelized sweetness, slightly grainy-biscuit punch, which is accented by a hint of roasted dryness on the finish.

Well, the range gets even more elaborate with the Indian fusion of a Belgian beer, which caught our attention with its very desi name! Paan Masala Season, as Black calls it, is a very attenuated, refreshing brew that features a dry finish and high carbonation. A blend of fruity and spicy notes, this ABV-6.5% drink is infused with that strong, zesty flavor of fresh cloves, black pepper and paan leaves.

You can get likelooser for any style of beer at just ₹50 and let the beer fizz for only ₹295 for a 300ml pint. But wait! The case is preparing better for a A 500ml beer mug is available at just ₹395. If you’re visiting with a party gang, you can also opt for 1.5 liter jug ​​just ₹1095or get lost with the 3 Liter Tour at ₹2095!

Don’t worry, happy beer!

While Black Brewhouse has always been our go-to destination to indulge in stylish revelry, amidst the cozy ambience, delicious food and rhythmic blues, the addition of the brewhouse surely increases the beer pressure for visit this place, again! So if drinking responsibly means not spilling the drink for you too, get ready to drink copious amounts of beer at the Black Brewery, very soon!

Location: Summit Building, 15th Floor, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Mara R. Wilmoth