Youth political activist Sikander Behl talks about women’s empowerment and unemployment

New Delhi, first published December 9, 2021, 6:49 PM IST

Sikander Behl is the General Secretary of the Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress and District Officer – New Delhi. He is a well-known political activist and youth leader who has done remarkable social work dedicated to uplifting and advancing different sections of society. In a brief interview with Sikander Behl, we asked him questions related to his political career, goals and thoughts on various issues in the country.

What has being a youth leader and activist shaped for you?

I have the impression that it was good. My position as Secretary General at the Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress has greatly enabled me to be better in the field of public service. I am grateful for the platform I have because it is through this platform that I can make the voice of disadvantaged sections of society heard.

As a person active in activism, what are your main goals?

There are many, but the main goals are to be available to people in general and to continue to have a solution-oriented dialogue to the problems they face.

What do you think about the unemployment problem in India?

We all know that unemployment is something that continues to rise and coupled with inflation it has become a much bigger problem than before. During confinement, many
workers who were earning from day to day were made unemployed. I firmly believe that the government should take strong action to tackle this problem.

What about women’s empowerment and security? Do you think the situation is good?

While women have clearly been empowered in the country, many remain unemployed, uneducated and oppressed. We also know that women’s safety is a huge issue in villages and rural areas. I think the situation needs a lot of work because the ground level implementation of policies is not being properly secured. It is 2021 and it is high time for the women of the country to be freed and safe in all respects.

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