Zoutons celebrates women: leadership and inclusion

If an organization’s foundation is based on equal representation and an inclusive workforce, that surely reflects its continued success. It’s a universally recognized fact that there are countless reasons to celebrate women in the workplace. Organizations that hire more women see higher productivity and team closeness. Their inspiring ability to multi-task leads to better long-term results.

That’s exactly why, leading coupon and deal aggregator website, Zoutons, strongly believes in giving women the space and opportunity they deserve. The company emphasizes diverse hiring as it has more than 60% women among its workforce. The Gurugram-based organization also believes that in order to create an ideal and empowered workplace, it is really important to take steps to create more opportunities while revamping the patriarchal power structure of the organization. Thus, 70% of management positions are occupied by strong and extremely talented women.

Zoutons’ diverse and inclusive team strives to ease the shopping experience for its customers by facilitating them with updated coupon codes and offers. From coupon creation to blog writing, almost every department of this coupon aggregator is growing under the exponential leadership of women. Not only that, Zoutons goes beyond the generalities of representation and focuses on real issues like equal opportunity as well as opportunities for its female employees. The aggregator website also ensures that female employees working in the organization rise higher in the corporate hierarchy and thrive with promising opportunities and bigger raises.

“What do women in the corporate world expect from their work? Do not be judged and have the same chances. We all have one thing in common, we may not have the same talent but we all have the same potential to develop them. Zoutons is one of the few organizations where women have equal opportunity to demonstrate their ability; as a result, prominent Zouton women are referred to as leaders rather than women leaders.” says content manager Deepali Meena at Zoutons

Zoutons also strives and works diligently to make the workplace safer and more efficient for women. The company organizes special workshops to solve the daily problems of employees, formulates crucial policies specially designed for its female employees. Zoutons is committed to a better work environment so that women in the organization feel empowered and safe. As part of the organizational ethos, Zoutons employees benefit from the company’s meticulous support to create a collaborative and friendly atmosphere in the workplace.

Celebrating women in the workplace also involves the flexibility that a company must offer its employees. Zoutons surely recognizes these needs and works around them. As part of this policy, the company provides maternity leave for its employees and provides any additional support they need. Even during the ongoing pandemic, Zoutons is committed to protecting the lives of its employees by letting most of their employees work from home.

The recent growth story of the pioneering coupon and deal aggregator is a perfect example to further propagate the importance of better female representation and inclusivity in an organization. According to reports, despite the raging pandemic, Zoutons witnessed a huge traffic of 1.4 million users in November 2020. Moreover, the company now has more than 10 lakh registered customers to satisfy. At the same time, the company sees more than 600,000 new customers every month. As Zoutons works with more and more partner merchants, Zoutons strives every day to become the number one coupon aggregator website that aims to help customers save money and time while shopping. .

Zoutons is continuously extending its roots not only in India but also in the US and UAE markets as it aims to facilitate the shopping experience for customers from all walks of life who buy anything under the Sun. While moving forward with its global vision, Zoutons works tirelessly to respond to customer queries by giving them the best solutions. This is one of the reasons why Zoutons is hiring more and more women in higher positions to expand its presence in global markets. With its 1000+ categories and 400+ popular merchant partners, customers can get their hands on the latest Lenovo coupons as well as deals and promo codes for Amazon, Flipkart, Hostinger, Nike, Myntra and many more, Zoutons is committed to utilizing the maximum potential of its employees to build a huge and lasting brand in the growing affiliate marketing space.

The entire team works diligently around the clock under the meticulous supervision of extremely supportive team leaders who work tirelessly to ensure that customers around the world get the maximum benefit from coupons and job offers on popular brands and categories like shoes, clothes, food, services. , and more. The same is responsible for providing updated coupons and offers to its customers. Apart from this, shoppers have access to long elaborate blogs that help users to maximize their savings like never before.

Mara R. Wilmoth